Cycling has evolved from a simple means of transportation to a popular recreational activity. Nowadays, cycling subcultures are emerging, and each has its unique style and purpose. This article will introduce three popular cycling subcultures: fixed-gear, fat bikes, and gravel riding.

Fixed-Gear Cycling

Fixed-gear cycling, or fixie, is a subculture that has been around for decades. It involves riding a bike with a single gear that is fixed to the rear hub, meaning it cannot coast. The pedals are always in motion when the bike is moving, making it challenging to slow down or stop. This cycling subculture has gained popularity in recent years due to the simplicity and minimalism of the bike, as well as the aesthetic appeal of the bikes.

Fixed-gear cycling has its own style, with riders often wearing tight-fitting clothes, sneakers, and no helmets. This subculture is also associated with urban cycling, with riders often using the bike as a means of transportation in the city.

Fat Biking

Fat bikes are a relatively new subculture that involves riding bikes with oversized tires. The tires are typically 3.8 inches or wider, providing increased stability and traction on soft surfaces like snow, sand, and mud.

Fat biking has gained popularity in the winter months, with riders using the bikes to ride on snow-covered trails or even to commute in snowy conditions. The bikes are also popular in areas with sandy beaches, allowing riders to glide effortlessly over the sand.

Gravel Riding

Gravel riding involves riding on gravel roads or off-road terrain. This subculture has been gaining popularity in recent years, and it involves riding bikes that are designed for off-road use, but with the added feature of being able to ride on paved roads as well.

Gravel bikes have wider tires than road bikes, but narrower than mountain bikes, making them ideal for riding on rough terrain and gravel roads. Gravel riding offers a unique experience, with riders often enjoying the scenery and solitude that comes with riding on isolated roads and trails.

Fixed-gear, fat bikes, and gravel riding are just a few examples of the many cycling subcultures that exist today. Each subculture offers a unique experience and appeal to different types of riders. Whether you prefer the simplicity and style of fixed-gear cycling, the versatility of fat biking, or the adventure of gravel riding, there is a cycling subculture out there for everyone.


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